Removing Squirrels From a Home is Like Eating Pie at The State Fair

No one is particular excited about the situation.

It’s probably going to get messy before it’s all over.

All that really matters is that you eat the pie faster than everyone else.

The experience ends up being a lot of fun in the end. Despite the mess.


Cage traps being set under and around the camp for red squirrels


The camp owners certainly were not excited to have critters running through the walls of their camp. I had no idea what to expect. By the sounds of things I was thinking raccoon. Or at least a mother raccoon with babies. Reports of loud, loud, loud banging and shuffling. There was even a case of growling or hissing when one fellow entered a room. Needless to say I was not over thrilled being loaded down with lots of extra gear for an animals I wasn’t sure I was after.

Maine Wildlife Management trapping red squirrels from under a camp

Maine Wildlife Management trapping red squirrels using tube traps for fast, lethal, and humane population reduction

The camp sat a few yards from the waters edge. It was nestled among a long string of other camps and homes, all resting under towering hemlocks and pines. The foundation in one area had fallen in and allowed a gigantic access hole under the old camp. Camps are notorious for critters, especially since they remain unoccupied much of the year.


It’s a messy job cleaning up after squirrels sometimes

After inspecting the place it became pretty apparent that raccoon had not invaded. It was squirrels. Little red squirrels chattered away super loud outside and ran all around the neighbors property and would come close to the camp. I set traps and spent a week removing the little tree rats from under the camp. I had a combination of traps set. All of my cage traps were dragged around and upside down and rolled over so the bait and lure would fall out. That way the squirrels could eat it without getting caught. Those dang squirrels scattered seeds all over the yard on me. I quickly changed over to lethal traps that were far more effective.

Maine Wildlife Management getting a little help with cleanup

Maine Wildlife Management getting a little help with cleanup

It appeared to be a family unit that was finally leaving the nest. Unfortunately that nest was inside the camps walls. It’s amazing what kind of noise almost a dozen squirrels will make in your home. No wonder the camp owners were concerned and thought it might have been a large animal. Nope, just a bunch of small ones. Opting to lethally remove them was one of the best ways to remove squirrels from a home and ensure against future problems from these culprits. Relocation often means that an animal born in a house, looks for another house to invade, and you inadvertently pass one persons problem on to another. Thankfully, red squirrels were in no short supply around the camp and woods surrounding the lake. They were no longer inside, the mess was cleaned up, and everyone was very happy that everything was over. Squirrels always funny, despite all the mess they create.

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    Another job well done.

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      Thanks Jay, it’s always nice when the critters play along!

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