Removing Skunks Under My House

Removing Skunks Under My House

“I need help removing skunks under my house!”

You’re not alone.

Every year Maine Wildlife Management gets several calls about skunks under a house. Mostly, these calls happen in February and March here in Maine.

Removing Skunks Under My House

Removing a Skunk From Under A Home

Often, it’s the skunks under the house, shed, or deck that have sprayed their flowery odor that alert us to their presence. Unfortunately in the depths of winter, it’s a costly time of year to be leaving windows open to air things out.

Skunks will move under houses in fall to den for the winter. They exploit gaps and cracks near the foundation to get under the home where they are warm and protected from the elements.

A skunk under a house will not hibernate completely. Instead they enter a light states of dormancy called torpor. It’s really light sleep where all body functions are reduced to save energy. Most of us never even realize that there is a skunk under the house.

Skunks are fairly solitary. In winter however, it’s not uncommon to find several skunks under a house. Females tend to be more tolerant of each other than males.

Maine Wildlife Management once removed 13 skunk from under one house in March!

As the weather warms up during winter spells, the males begin wander the neighborhood searching for females to breed. Often times the skunk odor is produced when males and females are fighting.

Sometimes domestic house cats travel down into skunk dens as well.

Once a skunk is scared or threatened it will spray.

If a skunk under your home sprays, that odor will travel into the house and seep into everything you own.

Living with skunk odor in your house night and day is not fun, and it can last all Winter and Spring if the skunks are allowed to stay under your house!

Permanent Skunk Removal and Exclusion

This is the only long term solution to ensure you don’t fight with skunks every single Winter.

1. The skunks first have to be removed from under the house.

2. Then our trained crew seals your crawlspaces and hidden areas where skunks can live with heavy duty exclusion materials.

Permanent, long term solutions will ensure that you are happy for years and years.

Trapping along is a very useful tool. However, it can become very costly and counter productive to constantly be paying for trapping services every single time a skunk shows up.

Maine Wildlife Management can trap and remove those skunks under your house that are ruining your health and happiness.

We also offer odor neutralizing products so you can get back to normal living as soon as possible if a skunk has sprayed.

Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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  • Becky Wyman

    We have what I believe is a family of skunk living under a house in Old Town, what would you charge to assist us in having them relocated. We would not like them killed, but moved to another location.

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