It’s not surprising to go into an attic that has had wildlife present and find the insulation or floors covered in bat guano, rodent feces, and squirrel droppings. There are a number of diseases that could be present and pose a potential risk to health in all the urine and droppings in your home. We handle the entire process of attic cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Your attic remediation includes removing all of the soiled and damaged insulation. Brand new insulation is installed, whether it’s fiberglass bats or blown in insulation. Air sealing is available also to help you lower your homes heating costs and maximize the effectiveness of the insulation. Not only does having a full attic remediation and cleanup improve your help, but it will save you money! In some situations there will be dead animals that need to be removed as well. These animals enter the home in one way or another but they can rot and decompose in your home. Not only is this gross and a potential health hazard, but it severely reduces the effectiveness of your homes insulation to do work. Our crews are fully protected and used to working in hot, tight, dusty, and otherwise unpleasant attics spaces and crawlspaces. When you need it cleaned correctly and properly call us.

Step 1

Remove any and all wildlife that may be present in the attic. This may include bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, or rodents.

Step 2

Seal the home to prevent future wildlife from entering. This is very important. Failure to prevent future wildlife from entering means the entire attic cleanout job could be compromised. This translates to greater costs and lots of wasted time, energy, and effort for everyone involved. No one wants that.

Step 3

The entire attic area is decontaminated. Most health concerns related to diseases in droppings are not an issue until the spores in the feces become airborne. We sanitize with a hospital grade virucide, bactericide, and germicide with a with a foggier and/or sprayer that gets into every crack. We want to reduce all chances of airborne spores that could harm anyone.

Step 4

Remove all the old insulation. If you have fiberglass batts then they are rolled up and bagged. We use a large commercial vacuum to remove all blown in cellulose insulation. If the attic, or basement in some situations, are finished with solid floors then everything is vacuum through hepa filtered vacuums. The same sanitization process is used.

Step 5

Air sealing to prevent warm air from inside the home leaking into the attic. Final cleaning and sanitizing of exposed woods and cleanup of any remaining droppings, feces, or guano.

Step 6

Replace all insulation with equivalent insulation as that which was originally found. Upgrades are available if you wish for that. We can provide quotes for different amounts, and types, of insulation.

We are a full service company. We offer free quotes for every step of the process though. We understand that some folks want to handle some steps in order to save money or because they are skilled in one particular area over another. That is perfectly fine with us and we offer several separate quotes with write up and descrip[tions of all work to be performed. We can work with you to help you achieve amazing results getting your home secured from wildlife, safe from diseases, and save you money long term on your heating and cooling bills.

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