Skunk removal in Maine seems to have several seasons. We start every winter around February taking calls about skunks that have sprayed under a house. These are about the worst situations you can have. Skunks this time of year in Maine are beginning to breed. Males are out wandering seeking out females that are ready to breed. Females can be found denning often under a house, shed, deck, or porch. If she isn’t ready to breed then a fight can result and that often means skunk spray under the home. This odor can penetrate every crack in the home and drive you right outside. This is a pretty horrible situation in the dead of winter. It’s a very costly plan to try opening the windows to air out the home. Say goodbye to your heat!

Thankfully Maine Wildlife Management has been responding to this request for years. Not only do we offer skunk trapping and removal but we also offer skunk odor cleanup. Depending on the size and extent of the skunk spray we can decontaminate and eliminate skunk spray under and in your home. We use both small canister odor foggers and larger electric atomist sprayer to fog the home and eliminate skunk odor. In some situations the odor has penetrated to areas that the fogger can not reach and there is a slight lingering hint of skunk spray. This is pretty rare though, and compared to the noxious fumes that will make you sick that were previously present it’s like night and day.

Through the summer and fall skunks will do considerable damage to your lawns and gardens as they look for grubs. Baby skunks emerge mid summer and often stay with the mother until fall. The youngsters have little control over their spray glands and will often “leak” as the walk around. The odor can be extremely strong and your yard may be contaminated. If a skunk sprays outside our window the essences could move into the home and contaminate your belongings. We offer yard fogging and sanitizing to remove and eliminate skunk odors outside as well. Often the skunk family will nee dot be trapped and relocated first before we begin to ensure that they do not make a mess of our newly de-scented yard and home. Trapping and relocating the skuinks also means that your lawns will no longer be getting torn up every night.

As fall turns into winter the juvenile skunks are out wandering looking for new homes for the winter. Old sheds, woodpiles, decks, additions on homes, garages, barns, and homes are all potential spots for a skunk to settle into. The best remedy in this case is prevention. After we have trapped and removed skunks from your property, and decontaminated the skunk smell, the best long term solution is full exclusion of any areas a skunk may want to live. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We specialize in building exclusion systems that keep out not only skunks, but groundhogs, raccoons, and feral cats as well.

Maine Wildlife Management offers a full in house service for your skunk problems. Trapping, removal, skunk odor elimination, and full skunk exclusion ensures you don’t have problems in the future. For Free consultation and estimates call now!

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