Maine Animal Control vs Animal Damage Control

Maine Animal Control vs Animal Damage Control


This question comes up really often. Someone calls the local Animal Control Officer(ACO) with a complaint about skunks, but don’t get any help. Or the homeowner calls us here at Maine Wildlife Management complaining about the neighbors dog, and we don’t work with domestic animals. Before you know it we’re discussing Maine Animal Control vs Animal Damage Control and what the differences really are.

Randy from Maine Wildlife Management taking a quick selfie with the last remaining baby red squirrels before reuniting with their mother

ADC=Wildlife Control   ACO=Town Dog Catcher                            (Simplified version)

Maine Animal Control and Animal Damage Control are two super common titles that represent two different areas of specialty, yet are frequently used interchangeably. These guidelines probably apply to many areas in the US, but we’re talking specifically about Maine in this article.

In Maine, the Animal Control Officer(ACO) is:
1. On the respective Town or Municipalities payroll
2. Charged with handling Domestic animal complaints and issues
3. Licensed and regulated by the State of Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry.

Animal Damage Control Agents (ADC) are:
1. ADC agents are not paid by the states, and operate as independent contractors working for themselves or other wildlife control businesses.Licensed and regulated by the State. Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
2. Charged with resolving conflicts between people and wildlife. ADC agents do not handle domestic animal calls unless they are also licensed as an ACO for a given town.
3. Licensed and regulated by the State. Inland Fisheries and WildlifeThe wording is so similar that it is easily misconstrued constantly.

Hopefully this helps some folks out that have been wondering just what the difference between Maine Animal Control vs Animal Damage Control is.


Maine Wildlife Management does not respond to domestic animal calls. Some animals cross over and seem to be in both worlds at once. Feral cats are a good example. Even though they may appear wild, they actually fall under the discretion of your local Animal Control Officer. Animal Damage Control only deals with wildlife issues. Even though the offending cat may have turned wild, it was still domestic at one time.

Maine Wildlife Management is here to help you out. If you’re having troubles getting ahold of your local Animal Control Officer, or ADC Agent in Maine, give us a call. If we can’t help you with your problem over the phone, we can probably put you in contact with the right person.

207-852-2559 Click Here for the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Listing of Licensed Animal Damage Control Agents

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