How do I remove bats from my attic in Bangor, Maine?

How do I remove bats from my attic in Bangor, Maine?


Maine Wildlife Management can help you remove bats form your attic in Bangor Maine! We specialize in bats removal in Bangor, Maine and surrounding areas. We even offer statewide service to remove bats from your attic. We regularly travel to Down East Maine, MDI, Ellsworth, Calais, Augusta, Ft Kent, Saco, Portland, Sebago, and all points in between. If you need bats removed from your attic in Bangor, ME or beyond, Maine Wildlife Management can help.


Removing bats from your attic can sound fairly straightforward from the ground. Here are the basic steps for removing bats from your attic and home:


  • Potential access points into the living area of the home are sealed
  • All entry and access holes must be located and sealed.
  • A one way valve is installed to ensure bats can leave the property but not return
  • The primary holes are sealed to prevent future access


The process sounds simple from the ground, but it’s a different story up on a ladder hanging from your roof. Removing bats from your attic involves a lot of labor and time. Maine Wildlife Management has years of experience locating and sealing potential entry points. You don’t want to spend all of your summer constantly dragging out ladders and tools to keep searching for gaps. Your time is more valuable than that. Whether you are in Bangor Maine or the surrounding areas, we can get the bats out of your attic and keep them out. Let Maine Wildlife Management help you remove the bats from your attic quickly and easily.


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