Honey Bee Swarm Removal Maine

Honey Bee Swarm Removal Maine

how to get bees out of a wall in your home

Honey bee removal on a church in Maine

Every year in Maine and across the nation honeybees are swarming as Spring gives way to Summer. Honey bee swarm removal Maine is one of Maine Wildlife Management’s specialities. In addition to working with bats, beavers, skunks, and all other woodland creatures, we also handle honeybees. When we’re not doing wildlife work, we’re working on the farm at Souder Station Farm in Winterport. All honeybee swarms and honeybees that need to be cut out of buildings are taken to that Souder Station Farm. When possible, the honeybees are also given away to folks that want to learn about beekeeping and start their own apiary.

A honeybee swarm can easily be removed once you’ve worked with them a few times. Often we rarely need our suits, as the bees are more focused on swarming and finding a new place to live. Although they honeybees may take up residence under your picnic table or in a tree branch, they won’t stay there for long. Within a day or two they will be moving on to find a new place to live.

How to get Honey Bees Out of a Wall

After honeybees swarm they are looking for a new place to live. Sometimes that means that they find a nice location inside the walls of your home! This is a situation you definitely don’t want. The honeybees will begin building combs and expanding in size. If left alone long enough the honeybees will be shuttling nectar and pollen in and out of your house.

honey bee swarm removal maine

Getting bees out of a wall in the church

It can defiantly become a sticky mess. At Maine Wildlife Management we can cut out the walls, remove all the bees, combs, brood, honey, and pollen and safely relocate them to a hive down on the farm. Honeybees are amazing pollinators and every effort is aimed a ensuring as many bees as possible are removed safely. Honeybees are wildly fascinating, but they belong in a nice cozy hive outside, not in the walls of your home. We use a variety of tools to get to the bees, to extract the combs, and re-hive the bees. Call us today for professional honey bee swarm removal in Maine.



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