Homes for Wayward Beavers in Maine

We need homeowners in Maine to provide locations for safely relocating beavers!


Every Spring Maine Wildlife Management gets several calls about beavers showing up and causing problems. Spring is the time when two year old beavers are dispersing from the family unit. The parents drive them out of the lodge to find their own place in the world. Sometimes these beavers can show up in very unwelcome areas. Nuisance beavers are beavers that are causing a health, safety, or financial risk to people. Usually this involves flooding or potential road wash outs.


In situation where no beaver activity is tolerated. The individuals are removed. Sometimes this is done lethally, and sometimes they are relocated alive. One of the problems with relocating beaver is finding a safe place to put them. Beavers are deathly territorial, and will severely injure each other. Dumping a random beaver into an already existing colony of beavers is both cruel and unethical.
Are you a homeowner that has a body of water that you think has the potential to support beaver populations? If so, Maine Wildlife Management wants to hear from you. We handle beaver issues statewide and are always looking for places to safely release beavers that we are live relocating. Either sign up below in the comments, send us an email, or give us a call to be added to our list of homeowners that have potential homes for beavers in Maine.

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