Bat Guano Removal in Monroe Maine

Bat guano removal in Monroe Maine.

If you need bat guano removal in Monroe Maine then look no farther. Maine Wildlife Management handles several calls in Monroe every year. We are located right next door in Winterport, Maine and can respond quickly to your concerns. Bat guano removal is one of our specialties. You do not want to leave bat guano in your home and it’s best to remove it.

Depending on the situation there are several methods for removing bat guano from your home in Monroe. The easiest and most cost effective method is to remove both the insulation and bat guano at the same time. Bat guano is most often in the attics of homes. Sometimes when doing inspections in Monroe we find guano in the basement, around the outside of buildings, and sometimes in living areas where the interior of the home is not finished off.

If you live in Monroe then there are a number of bats that live in the area. Although the number of bats has dropped off in the last several years they still find ways into Monroe homes. Not only is bat guano removal important, but sealing the house to prevent future bats from getting in is equally important. At Maine Wildlife Management we can easily get to Monroe and give you a free estimate.

Bat Guano Removal Monroe Maine

Maine Wildlife Management finding a Little Brown bat resting under some chimney flashing during an inspection

Our estimates include two quotes:

-One is to seal the home and structures to prevent access from bats. You won’t need bat guano removal if the bats can’t enter your home and leave guano everywhere.

-The second quote is for safe bat guano removal from your home in Monroe Maine. Every home is different. Access point’s, ability to get equipment in, type of insulation, and volume of bat guano needing removal all have to be considered before bat guano removal can begin.


Give Maine Wildlife Management a call today for bat guano removal in Monroe Maine. We service all surrounding towns and travel statewide. We specialize in bat guano removal and can help you out today.  

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