Bangor Maine Pigeon Control

Bangor Maine Pigeon Control

If you live in Bangor Maine you probably have pigeons on your roof that are need of some control. Pigeons are super common in nearly any large town or city. Around here Bangor Maine happens to be the largest and closest city to Maine Wildlife Management. The city of Bangor is full of pigeons that Maine Wildlife Management controls. 


Performing pigeon control on a typical older home in Bangor, Maine


Why do you need pigeon control?

-Pigeons drop feces all over roofs. These droppings will cause premature wear of the shingle and shorten the life of your home if they are not controlled.


-Pigeon control can keep pigeons off the roof in Bangor. When pigeon droppings are allowed to stay on the roof, the pigeon droppings will wash off during rain storms. You will literally have pigeon droppings raining down and splattering all over your yard, home, vehicles, and possibly people. Tenants in Bangor maine appreciate pigeon control to avoid having pigeon droppings all over the place. You do not want a yard covered in pigeon droppings because it is no safe place for children, pets, or even adults to be playing and socializing.


-Many homes in Bangor are at least two stories with steep pitched roofs. Pigeons love these kinds of homes in Bangor and perch at the ridgeline and eaves. The eaves often have cut in angles that allow the perfect areas for pigeons to roost and make a nest.

Some houses in Bangor are upwards of 200 years old. Maintenance on old homes can get away from the best of us. If the eaves have any signs of rotted old boards then pigeons can potentially find these holes. Part of pigeon control in Bangor is preventing access to these eaves and holes in the house. If the pigeons are not control then they can get inside your home and build large nests and leave tons of pigeons droppings everywhere.


Maine Wildlife Management can help you get rid of pigeons in Bangor Maine and control future pigeon problems. The last thing you want is to not control the pigeons and then wind up paying for it later with damaged homes, yards, vehicles, or sick people. Call Maine Wildlife Management today and we can help you control pigeons in Bangor, Maine.

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