Gray Squirrel Removal in Bangor, Maine

Gray Squirrel Removal in Bangor, Maine


There are a lot of Gray Squirrel in Bangor, Maine that get into homes every year. Most of the time the gray squirrels are making a nuisance of themselves in the fall. During this time of year the weather starts getting colder and food starts getting scarce. Squirrels that may have tolerated each other a bit in the summer stop behaving this way. Sometimes you’ll see multiple squirrels around coming to feeding sites such as bird feeders. For the most part though Gray Squirrels do not like each other.

In Bangor and many surrounding towns that have lots of available forage the populations tend to be really high. Many old towns and cities like Bangor also have buildings that may be as old as the 1800’s. These older homes are especially susceptible to gray squirrels moving inside. The old homes were often built using balloon framing. This framing style can create large pathways to the rest of the house from the attic. Gray squirrels love to explore these places and look for warm places to live for the winter.

Not all older homes in town get invaded by gray squirrels though. In Maine we see a ton of gray squirrels every year that move into new construction homes. Even flying squirrels and red squirrels will move into new homes. Every home has weaknesses that gray squirrels will exploit. Luckily Maine Wildlife Management is aware of all the games Gray Squirrels like to play and remove them from your home once and for all.

If you live in Bangor, Maine and need gray squirrel removal then call Maine Wildlife Management today. We can help you out getting rid of the gray squirrels, and offer plans to prevent the gray squirrels from getting inside your home in the future.

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