Cleaning Animal Droppings and Insulation in Bangor Maine

When squirrels, bats, raccoons, and rodents move into your home they can cause all kinds of damage. The animal leave droppings, ruin insulation, creates holes for your heat to leave, and can chew on electrical wiring. Cleaning Animal Droppings and insulation in Bangor Maine and surrounding towns is not a problem with Maine Wildlife Management.

Cleaning Animal Droppings Bangor Maine

Cleaning Animal Droppings Bangor Maine

We service several homes every year and perform full attic remediation and cleanouts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rat droppings, mouse droppings, bat guano, squirrel droppings, bird droppings or raccoon droppings. We clean animal droppings and get your home back to normal.

You’re attic will be sanitized prior to insulation removal to prevent airborne dispersal of diseases. All old insulation and droppings will be collected, removed, and disposed of for you. You’re home will not only smell better, but will be safer to live in after all the droppings have been removed. As an added bonus, you’re attic will no longer be a point of attraction for future animals. Animal droppings in the wild serve as a calling card for other animals. It works the same way in your attic.

Maine Wildlife Management will fully clean your attic and ensure that you have the cleanest living area around. If your home is in the Bangor, Maine area give us a call today. Don’t let wildlife droppings ruin your home.

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