Squirrel Removal Hampden Maine

Squirrel Removal Hampden Maine

Maine Wildlife Management Squirrel Removal Hampden Maine

Gray Squirrel Removal in Hampden Maine

Maine Wildlife Management offers squirrel removal everywhere in Hampden Maine. Our office is located right next door to Hampden in Winterport Maine. We are always traveling to Bangor for squirrels, skunks, beaver, bats, and groundhogs. Removing squirrels from your home in Hampden Maine is no problem for Maine Wildlife Management.


In the video below we are looking at a large building that is in really great condition.


The only problems, or weak areas, are the soffits in this particular place. The eave vents, or soffits, are usually a strong vented metal or perforated vinyl material. On this particular building the builders used regular window screening. Even though it is metal, it is very weak.


The window screening can’t keep gray squirrels from chewing through it. Actually, all rodents, flying squirrels, red squirrels, and chipmunks can chew through window screening.


Gray squirrels make a lot of noise and are known for chewing on electrical wires. Light weight window screening is only effective against bugs and insects.  Considering they can also create large holes in the side of your home and can do considerable damage it’s never a good idea to leave any squirrels inside your home.


After we remove the squirrels from this particular job in Hampden we will seal up the eave vents with a heavy welded wire mesh. We use a vinyl coated mesh that never tarnishes, is stronger than regular welded mesh, still allows the building to vent properly, and will last as long as the building is standing.

Maine Wildlife Management handles all forms of squirrel removal. After inspection all squirrels will be trapped, removed, relocated, and euthanized when appropriate.


Finally, you’re home will be secured and returned to the peace and comfort is was before the squirrels moved in.


Don’t let squirrels ruin your home in Hampden Maine. Call Maine Wildlife Management today and we will remove them and keep them out.

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Free detailed quotes available for cleaning and disinfecting squirrel droppings and feces from attics. We offer full attic remediations and full home exclusions to squirrel proof your home. Our work is100% guaranteed to work and we stand behind our services.

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