Common Squirrel Complaints

Common Squirrel Complaints

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This Gray Squirrel is off to greener pastures

Squirrels can really drive us nuts at times. The move into our homes and cause all kinds of raucous. Not to mention the damage they do to insulation, wood, and electrical wiring. Here are some of the most common complaints we at Maine Wildlife Management hear about in regards to squirrels.

They are making noises all night long

Often this is a pretty good indication that we are dealing with flying squirrels. Flying squirrels are active during the night. They also like to live in large family groups. Colonies can number as high as 30, although more common is a dozen or two. Having that many flying squirrels in above your head in the attic can cause quite a lot of noise and commotion.

They are making noises during the day

This is most likely red squirrels or gray squirrels. Often when people are home from work on the holidays, or folks that are home during the day hear these noises. Sometimes the red and gray squirrels only make noises that are loud during the morning and evening hours. Often they are going outside in the morning looking for food, and returning at night.

I hear chewing in the walls

Often this is gray squirrels. They seem particularly susceptible to chewing, gnawing, and making a lot of racket. Much of that is due to the larger body size as they move across the attic and down into the walls exploring.

  I see them outside coming and going from the house

This one’s fairly easy, as the squirrels have been identified and caught in the act of coming and going.

I have a squirrel in my house

These situations are exciting, but often the most easiest to fix. Often the squirrels found their way in accidentally. They could have followed some duct work, excessively large gaps around pipe openings, came in an open window, or fell down the chimney.

I have a squirrel in my chimney

This is probably the most common way that squirrels get into the living spaces of the home. Often a rope can be lowered into the chimney which gives the squirrels something to climb out with on their own. If the squirrels are too tired to climb to safety, they can often be trapped easily around the clean out area.

There are certainly all kinds of other situations that happen. These are just some of the most common complaints that we get at Maine Wildlife Management about squirrels in the home. If you have squirrels in your home and want them gone call Maine Wildlife Management now.  

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  • Aaliyah Atkinson

    Okay so I hear noises at night in the walls and ceiling. I’m wondering if you guys can come out to Augusta, Maine? I hear crawling and scratching, whatever it is it even tried to push out an electric outlet!

    • mainewildman

      Hello Aaliyah, if you could give us a call we can discuss your problem further and go from there. We occasionally travel to Augusta depending on the nature of the problem. THanks

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