How to Keep Animals out from Under Your House

How to Keep Animals out from Under Your House

The proper way to do this is by creating a permanent physical barrier. In the video below we were investigating signs of digging around a customers home in Winterport, Me. The animals had begin digging under the house in late summer. The homeowner left things alone through the Winter.

It seemed like super obvious location for animals to enter. After looking much closer we could see where the original home builders had placed hardware cloth under the foundation. This welded wire mesh was more than enough to prevent whatever was digging from getting under the house.

Digging down 6″, and coming back form the house 18″ or so is plenty. Then the hardware cloth can be attached to the home and secured. After the sod and soil is placed back over the wire you have a long term solution to animals getting under your home. The grasses and roots will grow down into the wire and create and solid mat that holds the wire. Unless you have come across a groundhog that is insanely determined to move some earth, you won’t have to worry.

We were very surprised and happy to see that the home in question had previously been fortified with wire to prevent animals from getting under the house. The only animals that could get under the home were mice.

Skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, and raccoons can all be easily discouraged from going under your home by installing hardware cloth or other welded wire mesh. This is an easy project that a homeowner can do to ensure that you never have issues with animals under the home.

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