MWM Podcast Episode 015 DIY Advice for Trapping Flying Squirrels

In this episode of the Maine Wildlife Management podcast we’re discoing DIY advice for trapping flying squirrels. While one of the best ways for handling flying squirrels is to seal up the entire home and instilling one way doors, that isn’t always practical or cost-effective. For those times when trapping and removal is the only practical option, we’re here to give you some advice and resources to get the job done yourself and manage flying squirrels in the home. 

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Protecta Heavy Duty Rat Boxes for holding traps, bait and lure. These boxes are great for creating a cubby for mice and rats, keeping animals and pets out, and keeping bait and traps working through any weather.

Mouse Trapping Traps and Tools for Trapping Rodents around your home
Mouse Trapping Traps and Tools for Trapping Rodents around your home

TomCat Rat Sized Power Trap. The rat sized power trap is plenty powerful enough for fast and humane lethal removal of flying squirrels.

6 Pack of Black Mouse Traps. These traps are great compliment to the rat trap. They can sit int he same box and work welt keep small mice under control and from stealing bait out of the larger rat traps.

Flying Squirrel Lure. There are several on the market, but this is one of our favorites. Place on some nuts in the box, or use as a trailing scent to lure flyers into the box where they can find pantry butter or seeds on the traps themselves. (Note, the link to the flying squirrel lure we are not affiliated with. We just happen to use the product and Love it, and do a lot of business with the company the link provides, but we get no return other knowing we helped you out.)

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