Bat Removal Companies in Maine

When it comes to bat removal companies in Maine, you don’t want a fly by night operation. Let the bats fly at night. You want a bat removal company that’s professional. If you have bats in your house, you want them removed. Our company, Maine Wildlife Management, is amazing with bats. Bats remove themselves when we show up. Of all the bat removal companies out there, bats know better than to fool with Maine Wildlife Management.  

Okay, so we’re just having a little fun.

We’re not the only bat removal company out there. There are actually several great companies that do amazing work removing bats from your home in Maine. When looking for a high quality bat removal company in Maine, here’s a few things to look for:


  1. Do they act, respond, and present themselves as professionals? This should go without saying. You don’t want amateurs walking across your roof. You don’t need more problems down the road.


  1. Are they insured? Any self respecting and professional outfit will be. Don’t be afraid to ask.


  1. Do they take the time to answer and address your concerns? If you can’t have an honest and open dialog, you’re bound to have a bad experience. Nobody wants that. Not even the bats being removed.


  1. Can the bat removal company get to you in a timely manner? If not, are they willing to recommend another bat removal company?  Even though Maine Wildlife Management offers statewide service for bat removal, that doesn’t always mean we can make it halfway across the state in a fashion that works for you. The same goes for other bat removal companies.


Thankfully, Maine Wildlife Management has wonderful working relationships with several high quality bat removal companies in Maine, and we can always offer referrals if it serves you better. Helping people resolve their bat removal problems is our number one priority.


Give Maine Wildlife Management a call today at 207 852 2559 and we can get right to work helping you with your bat removal.

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