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Maine Wildlife Management

We specialize in a providing safe, secure, and humane wildlife removal solutions, as well as offering high quality, guaranteed damage repair. We offer an wide range of solutions and options to help you resolve and manage your nuisance wildlife concerns. Whether your dealing with beavers threatening to wash your road away, skunks living under your house and spraying your pets, bats in the attic, or any other wildlife conflict your having issues with.

Our Mission Statement

We understand that your wildlife problem is unique. Maine Wildlife Management works with you to provide safe, fast, and effective solutions.

We can work with homeowners, business, town, county, state, and government agencies. Give us a call today and we can discuss your issues and come up with a plan to help you out today, and into the future.

Trapping / Removal

Maine Wildlife Management can trap, remove, relocate, and transport your wildlife concerns. Most common animals we handle are bats, skunks, squirrels, beavers, groundhogs, and raccoons but we handle a variety of infrequent species as well.

Our team is able to respond quickly to you and help you get your home back in control. Getting wildlife removed from the attic or home is the first step to preventing damage. Our fast response rates and quick turnaround provide excellent results and help you get back to your regular life.

All trapped and removed wildlife are relocated when possible. Some seasons, such as the dead of winter, can cause undue hardship and suffering to the animals if relocated. We provide all possibilities and discuss options that work for you and wildlife before starting any work.

Call now for free consultation and quote:

Call now for free consultation and quote:

Damage Repair

What about all the damage? In many instances, especially where wildlife has just been caught entering the home the damage is minimal. Often we can seal these small openings and entrances up with no extra charge. If the damage is extensive, such as a raccoon tearing apart roof shingles or squirrels eating away the eaves, we offer free no obligation on site quotes to repair the damage.

Maine Wildlife management is a full service wildlife control and damage repair company. Not only can we help in the short term removing the nuisance wildlife, but we can fully re[pair any damage caused by wildlife as well. Not only that but we repair with an eye towards preventing wildlife problems in the future.

We fix and repair all roofing, siding, and carpentry work. For more technical work such as chewed wiring from squirrels we can recommend electricians or contractors, or you can use your own. We’re here to help you out, to secure your home against future problems, and save you time and money. We stand behind all of our work and guarantee everything we do in writing so everyone is on the same page.

Attic Cleanups

Worried about all the bat guano, rodent feces, squirrel and raccoon droppings, and ruined insulation in the attic? You’re in good hands. Pest control cleanup in Maine is our final specialty in safeguarding your home. Our companies attic cleaning and decontamination services can handle any size job. We fully sanitize and disinfect the entire contaminated area before any cleaning even begins. It doesn’t matter if colonies of bats have left years of guano all over the attic floor, or if squirrels have left droppings all through the insulation. We clean, disinfect, and remove all hazards from your attic safely and quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you have fiberglass batts, blown in insulation, or solid floors. We can clean it all and make it safe for your family. Not only that, Maine Wildlife Management can offer free quotes for air sealing and additional insulation before we reinstall new insulation. You have you choices as well in insulation types and amounts. Not only will you benefit by having us safely remove the old soiled contaminants, but we can help you save money, time, and energy on your heating and cooling bill!

We are a full service wildlife control company specializing in helping our customers get back to feeling safe and comfortable in their homes. We stand behind all work and offer free quotes, inspections, and consultations to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. Call today for a free quote and we can begin helping you out.

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Exclusion / Prevention

If you’ve had problems with wildlife, it’s likely you’ll have problems again. Our goal is to prevent future problems by turning your home into a wildlife proof fortress. Wildlife exclusion involves going over the entire building and eliminating any potential spot an animal could use to get inside. This could mean redoing ridge vents on the peak of the roof, sealing the entire structure, rebuilding eaves and soffits, reflashing and sealing chimneys, securing dormers, sealing basements, burying wire around decks, sheds, and porches, and sealing and eliminating any possible place an animal could get in. We guarantee all of our work and gladly stand behind all whole home exclusions against any issues. All exclusions have full written plans so everyone has a chance to see what is fixed, address any concerns, and ensure a wildlife proof home into the future.

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What Kind of Pests
Do We Exterminate?

MWM is a full-service rodent control and removal company that works with a large variety of animals. We focus on the capture and removal of the following:
  • Bats
  • Beavers
  • Bird control
  • Carpenter bees
  • Coyotes
  • Dead animal
  • Feral cats
  • Flying squirrel
  • Foxes
  • Gray squirrel
  • Groundhogs
  • Honeybees
  • Hornets
  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Opossums
  • Pigeons
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Snapping turtles
  • Snakes
  • Squirrel removal
  • Skunks
  • Yellow jackets
  • Wasps
  • Woodpeckers

Our Satisfied Customers

  • Having lived in Maine my whole life I was so not aware of how little I knew about our wildlife critter's habits and needs until I talked with Randy.........I was very happy to learn that because he is so educated in this area he is are able to solve problems that some of these critters create in a very kind and humane way.

    Suzan Adams
  • Randy does great work getting critters out of our Rental Properties! His knowledge is invaluable to getting them out quickly, safely without inconvenience to our tenants and damage to our Properties! We Sincerely Value Randy's expertise!

    Paul Pangburn
    Paul Pangburn Pangburns Property Management
  • Randy: So glad we used your services! Thanks to you, Alexander & Alexander no longer has bat, squirrel and woodchuck/skunk issues and the Kings Daughters Home is rid of squirrels!! I'd recommend you to anyone!!!

    Bob Alexander
  • Here at The King's Daughters Home in Bangor we had a big problem with squirrel infestation.  They were coming into the attic from the roof and under the eaves and were tearing up and making tunnels thru the insulation, bringing in all kinds of debris for nest making.  What a mess.  Wires were also chewed and damaged.  It was time to call Randy Canarr with Wildlife management and are we glad we did.  He helped up us learn how to catch and release them into the wild and also he was good at patching their entrance holes.  Not only that, he and his crew took out all the old filthy insulation for us and fumigated the attic area, getting it ready for a foam insulation crew.  We have not had any unwanted "residents" here for months.  What a relief!  Would highly recommend Randy for any kind of pest control.  We found him to be friendly and very cost efficient.

    Lauretta Kulp
    Lauretta Kulp Resident Director of KDH

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