Wildlife Services in Maine

Maine Wildlife Management specializes in wildlife services in Maine. We cover the entire state of Maine. We are centrally located along Down-east, Maine. You can find us right outside of central Maine in Winterport, just outside of the city of Bangor and Hampden. Even though we are closest to the Penobscot River we offer Wildlife Services in Maine everywhere in the state. Here are our wildlife services.

Trapping and Removal of Wildlife

-Maine Wildlife Management offers humane trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife. We offer live trapping, cage trapping, lethal trapping, and box trapping to remove wildlife.

-Wildlife is treated humanely and fairly. We do not endorse or condone intentionally suffering of wildlife or animals. In some events wildlife must be euthanized. Maine Wildlife Management euthanizes wildlife as one of our wildlife services in Maine. We only use tools and techniques that ensure a fast, effective demise with as little pain as possible. Our goal is to reduce suffering to the greatest extent possible

-We trap and remove bats, birds, beavers, groundhogs, skunks, gray squirrels, red squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, porcupines, moles, rodents, fox, coyote, and many other uncommon wildlife.

-Wildlife services include relocation of wildlife when appropriate to acceptable locations that do not cause undue stress or demise to the animal. Relocated wildlife can also not cause undue hardship for your neighbors, or local wildlife populations,

Exclusions and Attic Clean out

All work Guaranteed!

-Full home, yard, attic, and crawlspace inspections

-Full attic remediation. We clean bat guano, remove bat guano, remove insulation, disinfect, clean, sanitize, and return your attic to a clean area once again. Full decontamination of bird droppings, squirrel droppings, and rodent feces. If your attic and insulation is soiled and needs to be removed and cleaned we are your best source of help.

-Beaver water flow device, beaver fencing installations and maintenance to keep beavers from flooding roadways, blocking culverts, or destroying your trees and forest.

-Full Bat evictions and exclusions. 100% we get bats out, and ensure they stay out.

-Full wildlife repair services available for damage caused by wildlife to homes and landscapes

-Deck, shed, and home fencing to prevent groundhogs burrowing under your structure.

Uncommon Wildlife Services in Maine

-Maine Wildlife Management handles  a variety of unique situations every year. Our wildlife service skills allow us to respond quickly and effectively to your problem.

-Bears getting into beehives

-Robins attacking your windows

-Snakes in your basement

-Birds trapped inside the house

-Dead animal removal. Carcass removal and cleanup of wildlife that has been hit by cars and left in front of your home or place of business.

If you have a unique situation, or a common situation that you need professional help to do the job and do it right then call Maine Wildlife Management for all of your wildlife services in Maine needs.

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