Simple Visual Deterrents for Pigeons

Simple Visual Deterrents for Pigeons

Scary Owl Eyes for Pigeon Deterrents Bangor Maine

Scary Owl Eyes for Pigeon Harassment in Bangor Maine

The pigeons were lounging on the peak and slopes of a brand new roof in Bangor, Maine. Most roofs in Bangor are very steep. Even still, the pigeons love hanging out there.

Sometimes simple visual deterrents for pigeons are all that you need. Pigeons that are not roosting on a home and are only lounging are the easiest to scare off with visual deterrents.


Maine Wildlife Management rarely uses these cheaper deterrents for a number of reasons.


  1. They don’t last very long. Often, the materials wear out and the pigeons come back. This is especially true in high wind areas. Get up on a hilltop roof or through a valley tunnel and the winds will wear out the swivels or even the materials in no time.


  1. Visual deterrents are most effective against lounging pigeons. Pigeons that are roosting and committed to the area need physical removal and reduction of nesting areas. Physical objects such as bird spikes can be used to prevent actual landing on spots such as window ledges and on top of signs. Often that’s enough to deter them from coming back. Lounging pigeons that are just visiting now and again often just need some harassment.


The cheapest and most effective visual deterrents for pigeons we have seen has been the holographic owl eyes. These are a large plastic owl. They are very thin and meant to spin and move in the breeze. On the owls there is  a holographic pattern that refracts light and makes it shine in all kinds of directions. The pigeons do not like it at all as the flashing lights make them nervous and they often fly off.


Pigeons can be scared by simple visual aids. They are not often long term solutions to pigeon management though, but can be effective in the short term to break a habit before one begins.

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